This is the above Fleetwood Mac line-up, the "Mystery To Me" band (me, Chris Mc Vie, John Mc Vie, Mick Fleetwood and Bob Weston) doing "Black Magic Woman" in DC in '73.  Had this lineup stayed together, it might have equaled the later "Rumours" line-up. Weston was/is a wonderful guitarist/performer, and I worked well with him.

b mag wom 73-01.mp3

13_MysteryToMe.mp3 This is a jam from the "Heroes..." Tour in '74 with Bobby Hunt on B3....I don't know exactly where or when. Thanks to Jaime who sent me this..I've never heard it before....I'm just "scatting" vocals , making up words as I go along...and I say "mystery to me.." at one I guess that's what it's called ;-)

 S Lady Fgames b triangle 17 min mp3.mp3 This is the '74  4 piece with Doug Graves on xtra keys...Jaime said this was "Hampstead" ...maybe Long Island NY , I'm not sure...

Manalishi mp3.mp3 Peter Green's "Green Manalishi" from the above set..we did it all the time..

Angel mp3.mp3 "Angel" from the above show...Thanks again to Jaime..

The Penguin.. the best Fleetwood Mac website

If you'd like to know stuff about my 5 years in FM, please go to the above site and select either "Q & A's", where you'll find my "novel length" Q&A sessions, or "Biographies" which has exhaustive info on my years with FM.


The Penguin - Everything That Is Fleetwood Mac This is the best Fleetwood Mac site. If you want to know about my years in FM, or almost anything else about 'em, please go to the site and select"Q &A's, for my "novel length" Q&A sessions, or to "Biographies" , which details   even more stuff about the bands "incarnations".


 2 bob heroes tour jpg.jpg WB ad for '74 tour.

2 bob mac tour underway jpg.jpg WB ad for '74 tour.

2 me with Micks ex-wife Jenny , and Sandra Ellsdon after the 3 hearts photoshoot.jpg Micks (ex) wife Jenny and ex Pete Green girlfriend Sandra Ellsdon after "Three Hearts" photoshoot.

jpg 2 me and mick backstage n ville.jpg Me and Mick backstage after FM show at Gaylord Ent. Center in Nashville.



22heroes billboard pic jpg.jpg A Billboard magazine "pick" for the "Hero's...." album.

F mac at table 2.jpg The "Hero's..." 4 piece in LA 1974 .

Check out those ticket prices ! ;-) THAT....was a different era....!CHEAP !!!

"Reduced rate if torn here"..What the hell does that mean ?