was: Bob Welch, Glenn Cornick, Thom Mooney,(on "Paris 1") and Hunt Sales

The following is a rough rehearsal tape of an unreleased version of "Slave Trader". A slower, much more muted version of this song appeared on Paris; "Big Towne  2061", released in 1976.

This is the song, as it's being worked up by the band; i.e. we're putting together the arrangement. As you can tell, I haven't memorized all the words yet...Hunt Sales is on drums.

slave trader FADE64 bit-04.mp3 

The next mp3 is a rehearsal cassette of Paris working up "New Orleans" from the "Big Towne 2061 " album. I changed it to a lower key on the final studio version . 

NEWORLEANS lo bit.mp3


We used to mess around in rehearsal doing Zeppelin's "Black Dog" which I always thought was the best hard-rock thing ever recorded. Paris modeled itself on Zeppelin of course. We never did "Black Dog" live however ...just for fun.

BLAK DAWG lo bit.mp3

The following 3  mp3s are three of the  demos that got Paris a deal with Capitol records .The 1st one  is "Gypsy" which has Thom Mooney on drums , and was originally recorded at the Record Plant in LA ,  (although the quality of the cassette I found is pretty bad.)  The 2nd demo is "Don't Wait" which was essentially a re-working of the song "Good Things" which was supposed to be on  Fleetwood Mac's "Mystery To Me". I redid this song in yet another version on the "Three Hearts " album a few years later. On this demo I'm playing all the instruments. "Don't Wait" was recorded in the house me and producer Jimmy Robinson were renting off Laurel Canyon in West Hollywood The 3rd is "China" , a reworked version of which wound up on the  "Three Hearts" album. None of these songs were ever put out as "Paris" songs.

gypsy 64k.mp3

don't wait 64k.mp3

china 64k.mp3

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About Paris

Some Paris-related pics ;

Carter 2.gif  John Carter..the Capitol a&r guy who signed Paris , and who later produced all 4 of my Capitol solo albums. ( Carter's the "drummer" in the pic. )

2 back cover of Paris 1...jpg  Back cover of 1st Paris album. 

2 glenn wall of amps.jpg  Paris bass player Genn Cornick and his wall of amps at the Record Plant studio , 1975.

2 me and Paris 1 producer Jimmy Robinson at the Record Plant in Sausilito CA.jpg  Me and Paris 1 producer Jimmy Robinson at the Record Plant "pit", in Sausalito CA.

2 Paris closeup promo.jpg  Paris 1 promo pic...note the "soigne" poses ;-) 

2 Paris doing Paris 1 demo at the Record Plant i.jpg  Paris 1 band in the studio, '75.

2 paris me glenn thom playing.jpg  Me, Glenn Cornick and Thom Mooney at work.

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